Geo Tech

Northeast Geotechnical’s principal engineers and field staff provided design and construction phase services for Shire’s two new three- and four-story office/lab buildings on their corporate campus once owned and operated by Raytheon. One of the new buildings includes a partial basement which required drilling and blasting of bedrock to construct. Subsurface conditions consisted of existing fill from previous developments at the site, natural glacial till deposits and bedrock.

Design phase responsibilities included evaluation of the subsurface soil, bedrock and groundwater conditions based on a subsurface exploration program that we designed, observed and logged in the field, engineering design studies, and report preparation. Engineering studies included the evaluation of: allowable bearing capacity for shallow foundations, excavation support, rock excavation, lateral earth pressures on basement and retaining walls, construction dewatering, permanent groundwater control and re-use of excavated materials.

Construction phase services included observation and reporting on earthwork operations including excavations and excavation support using soil nails, placement and compaction of fill, rock drilling and blasting, and dewatering. We performed field density testing on compacted fill and asphalt, as well as field testing of concrete.