Geo Tech

The proposed development includes the construction of a one story, 12,626± square foot medical office building and associated paved parking areas at the site of a former manufacturing facility in Gardner, Massachusetts. The general subsurface profile at the site consists of existing fill deposits underlain in succession by silty, natural glacial till soils and then competent bedrock.

Design phase studies included coordinating and overseeing a subsurface exploration program consisting of soil test borings and test pits, engineering design, and report preparation. Engineering recommendations were developed regarding: reuse of the existing fill materials, on-site silty, sensitive glacial till soils, and blastrock as structural fill on the project; foundation type and allowable soil bearing capacity; slab support; seismic design criteria; and pavement support.

Recommendations pertaining to bedrock blasting were also provided. These recommendations included vibration monitoring and pre-blast surveys of a newly constructed concrete site retaining wall along the two sides of the site, as well as the close residential and commercial abutters. Northeast Geotechnical recommended specific vibration parameters to accommodate bedrock blasting adjacent to site retaining wall concrete that has not yet achieved its 28-day design compressive strength.