Geo Tech

The project involved restoring commuter rail service along the 17.8-mile long Greenbush line in 5 south shore communities in Massachusetts. One of the major elements of the project was an 800±-foot long tunnel using slurry wall construction 30± feet beneath Hingham Square where a number of historic structures needed to be protected from detrimental movement during construction and under operation. Some of the mitigation measures that were implemented to protect the structures included new ballast material to reduce vibrations, continuously welded rail and resilient track fastening systems, pre-construction surveys of adjacent properties and structures, and geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring of structures during construction for vibration and movement.

Serving as a member of the Project Conservator team for the project, one of Northeast Geotechnical's principal engineers was responsible for reviewing the implementation and effectiveness of the various mitigation measures and consulting with the other Conservator team members, the MBTA, and their consultants to address performance of the various mitigation measures and the performance of the cultural resources that the measures were designed to protect.