Geo Tech

Glenn A. Olson, P.E. - Principal Engineer

Mr. Olson has over 35 years of diversified geotechnical engineering project experience. He has effectively interfaced with owners, architects, engineers, developers, government agencies, and contractors. His particular area of expertise has been to take a proect from the design phase through a successful earthwork and foundation construction phase. Mr. Olson has been responsible for geotechnical engineering associated with: building foundations and slabs, ground improvement, slope stability, pavement, earthwork criteria, vibration monitoring, lateral earth support, dewatering, groundwater recharge, and pipeline support. Projects have included numerous low-rise and mid-rise commercial, educational, and industrial buildings, as well as public roadway and utility improvements. Responsibilities included design and implementation of exploration programs, data collection and reduction, and report preparation. On several projects, Mr. Olson has followed up the engineering recommendations with supervision of staff who conduct full-time field observation during the construction phases of projects. (Tel.: 508-598-3510 x712, Email:

James M. Handanyan, P.E. – Principal Engineer

Mr. Handanyan has over 30 years of geotechnical engineering consulting experience working with engineers, architects, developers, owners, contractors, and public agencies on a wide range of civil engineering projects. His expertise in subsurface exploration and testing, soil and rock mechanics, foundation engineering, earth structures, geohydrology and soil-structure interaction allows him to successfully help Northeast Geotechnical's clients address subsurface design and construction issues and manage the inherent risks involved with subsurface design and construction. (Tel.: 508-598-3510 x711, Email:

Mark M. Zambernardi, P.E. – Principal Engineer

Mr. Zambernardi is a registered professional engineer and has over 20 years experience as a practicing geotechnical engineer working with engineers, architects, developers, owners, contractors, and public agencies. Responsibilities have included managing commercial, retail, public, and residential projects from proposal phase through engineering and construction phases. Mr. Zambernardi has performed geotechnical engineering design and analysis associated with foundations (spread footings and piles), floor slabs, pavements, ground improvement, settlement, seismic design and liquefaction, retaining walls, slopes, and braced excavations, as well as earthwork construction including bedrock blasting and vibration monitoring. Mr. Zambernardi's experience also includes serving as a site investigator and field engineer on a variety of commercial, retail, public, and residential projects. (Tel.: 508-598-3510 x710, Email:

Joseph Papandrea – Director of Field Services

Mr. Papandrea has project and field coordination experience on several diverse projects located throughout the northeast region. He has over 20 years experience with site development and construction. His experience includes observing earthwork and providing geotechnical engineering recommendations for several retail, residential, and commercial projects. These projects involved controlled cuts and fills, blasting, slope and retaining wall construction, excavation bracing, groundwater control, hazardous materials, foundation construction (including deep pile foundations), retention/detention pond construction, slab and pavement preparation activities, septic field construction, concrete and asphalt placement, steel reinforcement and structural steel assembly. Responsibilities included responding to soil conditions encountered in the field with timely, "on-the-spot" geotechnical engineering recommendations. Mr. Papandrea's experience includes sampling, field testing, and field analyses of several construction materials including soils, concrete, mortar, masonry assembly, asphalt, and reinforcing steel. Mr. Papandrea has experience working in the laboratory performing a variety of soil tests. (Tel.: 508-598-3510 x714, Email:

Christian Rice, P.E. - Senior Project Engineer

Mr. Rice is a registered professional engineer and an experienced practicing geotechnical engineer. Responsibilities have included managing commercial, retail, medical, municipal, academic, military, energy and power, and transportation projects from proposal phase through engineering and construction phases. Mr. Rice prepared geotechnical engineering reports that included engineering recommendations pertaining to foundations, floor slabs, pavements, seismic design and liquefaction, retaining structures, slopes, braced excavations, and earthwork construction based on subsurface soil, groundwater, and rock conditions. Mr. Rice's experience also includes slope stability analyses, slope failure evaluations, pavement analyses and design, and design of permanent and temporary retaining structures including MSE walls, soldier pile walls, and temporary excavation supports. Mr. Rice also has experience providing field engineering services including observation and logging of soil test borings with standard penetration testing, and cone penetrometer testing, foundation subgrade assessment, observation and logging of drilled shaft and driven pile installation, soil permeability testing, vibration monitoring, and electrical resistivity testing. (Tel.: 508-598-3510 x715, Email:

Jeremy Caird - Field Technician

Mr. Caird has geotechnical engineering field experience on several diverse site development and construction projects. His experience and responsibilities have included observing and documenting earthwork construction and providing geotechnical engineering recommendations to address changing subsurface conditions encountered during construction. Mr. Caird's experience includes sampling soils, field density testing to assess compaction, reinforcement steel assembly assessment, concrete testing, and asphalt testing. Mr. Caird also has experience observing and logging exploratory soil test borings and test pits during the design phase of projects. (Tel.: 508-598-3510, Email: