Geo Tech

Fairfield Residential LLC consistently ranks amongst the largest multifamily home developers and builders nationwide. Geotechnical engineering design studies were performed as part of their pre-purchase due diligence efforts. Subsurface conditions were assessed and opinions were developed regarding the ability of Fairfield to develop apartment building complexes on the studied sites.

Summaries of site specific subsurface conditions and conclusions about potential impacts to development were provided to Fairfield and other project team members. In response to geotechnical conclusions, the project layout and grading plans were amended and altered in order to mitigate impacts from the observed conditions. This approach has allowed Fairfield the opportunity to gain insight into potential development costs and institute cost saving design modifications prior to purchasing the properties.

Preliminary design information for use by the project team in design of building foundations and ground floor slabs, pavement and slope sections, subsurface wastewater and storm-water disposal fields, and dewatering measures were provided to the project team. Engineering recommendations regarding the reuse potential of on-site soils and guidance regarding selection of off-site soil, controlled rock blasting, processing, and reuse of processed rock as suitable fill products were also developed.

On one site, assistance was provided to Fairfield in obtaining a groundwater discharge permit to infiltrate treated wastewater effluent into the subsurface environs of the site. This effort required hydrogeological expertise to preliminarily model anticipated wastewater flows in conjunction with storm water flows to assess potential groundwater mounding effects. The preliminary modeling indicated a need to raise the initial level of the wastewater disposal field to maintain adequate separation between the base of the field and anticipated mounded groundwater. This effort allowed Fairfield to assess the cost implications of regrading the site prior to purchasing the site.