Geo Tech

The proposed development includes the construction of several retail and restaurant buildings, as well as an office building, totaling over 500,000 square feet of building footprint area. Subsurface conditions consist of natural silty glacial till soils underlain by relatively shallow bedrock. Cuts and fills ranging up to about 40± feet are required to achieve the proposed design elevations.

Design phase responsibilities included coordinating and overseeing extensive subsurface exploration (test borings and test pits) and testing (borehole permeability), engineering design, and report preparation. Engineering recommendations pertain to reuse of the on-site silty, sensitive glacial till soils and blasted bedrock, bedrock blasting and vibration criteria, foundation type and allowable soil and bedrock bearing capacity, slab support, seismic design criteria, pavement support, slope construction, and retaining wall design criteria.

A geotechnical engineering report specific to two bridge structures proposed as part of the new development at the site was developed. Engineering recommendations pertaining to bridge foundations, lateral earth pressures for use in design of the bridge abutments and wing walls, and abutment and wing wall backfill criteria were provided to the design team. Earthwork construction observation and soil testing services were provided for the project. Mass cut operations that included bedrock blasting activities, and mass fill operations that included the placement of blastrock fill were observed and documented. Ground vibrations generated from the blasting activities were monitored.