Geo Tech

A Phase I safety evaluation for the private owners of the Stoddard Pond Dam was conducted in accordance with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation Office of Dam Safety Regulations. The earthen dam was built prior to 1920. It is about 10 feet high and about 100 feet long and has a vertical downstream boulder face with two spillway structures.

It is classified by the State as an intermediate size structure of significant hazard. Stoddard Pond is used for recreational purposes and has a capacity of over 200 acre feet. The evaluation, which included a visual inspection and a computer hydraulic analysis of spillway capacity, indicated the dam was in satisfactory overall condition with adequate spillway capacity for the 24 hour, 100 year storm event.

A report was prepared that summarized the results of the evaluation and recommendations for repair of minor erosion of the upstream slope and downstream spillway area along with recommendations for development of a written operations and maintenance plan.